Friday, December 25, 2009


I had good intentions, really, about making the carrot cake. The fall was so hectic tho, with work displacements and new work hours and the loss of much-loved and long time work co-workers (to other work places and sites) and of course the on-going kitchen reno, that little baking got done here. Sigh.... such is life. I was bound and determined to make this cake tho, and decided Christmas dessert would be the best time for it!

Love, love, love the easy way it goes together! It's similar to the reliable 'Wacky Cake' that I love and bake so much! It looked beautiful out of the oven! Sorry, no pics today, as Mr Cupcake has taken the camera to his family's celebration a couple of provinces over. Once the lemon glaze was on, I plated it on a fancy cake plate and covered it tightly with plastic wrap. I was going to frost with whipped cream, but my brother is lactose intolerant, so will serve it on the side instead. I'll update later to let you all know how it tasted!

Merry Christmas!

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