Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm a bit late to this party, but here I am anyway! I picked up the wonderful cookbook last week, picked up a few ingredients that I was unable to find at home (kitchen reno in progress!) and baked yesterday. First off, my changes~we have a few food allergies here and my Daughter cannot eat walnuts, so I used pecans instead. And used canola for the walnut oil. I had some leftover buttercream in the freezer. To give a little orange flavor,I candied a bit of orange peel~next time I'd make more and use longer pieces~it was very good! I had a 9" silicone pan and used it (first time!) instead of a bundt pan. Think that's it!

The batter filled the pan completely, so I wasn't able to make any cupcakes, as I'd hoped to do. I greased and floured the pan. When it came out of the oven I remembered why I don't like to use flour. Many of the 'Pam' type sprays contain soy oil and I have a huge soy allergy, so I use a spritzer with olive oil.

The cake was moist and yummy! My Daughter is taking some to work to share and the rest has been sliced, wrapped and is in the freezer. One other thing, I input the ingredients into a recipe function on Weight Watchers online and divided by 16 servings to give it a point value of 6 per serving. That's why it's in the freezer! And that is un-iced. I would estimate the icing adds about a jillion points!

I'd make this again, next time with ginger instead of nuts!

Happy Baking everyone!


  1. Glad you could make it to the party - better late than never :). I like your candied zest addition.

    PS - beautiful plate!

  2. Thanks ButterYum! The cake plate belonged to my Grandmother!

  3. Your cake looks lovely. I, too, intend to make the candied orange peel. Good idea, thanks for sharing.